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Highest Quality + -

Made with experience of hundreds of years, our farmers produce fruits and organic products of finest quality. As our products are 100% pure, you will experience nature in every bite.

Finest taste + -

Ever tasted finest quality and organic Mangoes, Oranges, Gurr and Wheat? Our farm fresh products have top-notch taste, leaving your taste-buds happy.

Wide Assortment + -

We have a complete range of products with variety of flavors to give satisfy your cravings. All products are made with special care and lots of love.

Without GMO + -

When we say our products are natural, we mean it. All our products are Non-GMO which means without any Genetically Modified Organisms – produced organically.





Our World Class Export Quality MAngoes

Fresh products are my weakness. I can never keep my fruits and vegetables frozen and always try to get fresh ingredients from the market. But usually reaching to my local markets, mangoes and oranges goes bad and don’t have that juicy flavour after reaching home. that is why I never compromise and get my oranges and mangoes right from the Mian Agri Farms who deliver farm-fresh, handpicked fruits on my doorsteps whenever I want.

Nooriyya Ali

Born and raised in rural areas of Sindh, I grew up eating delicious homemade Gurr which is hard to find in stores of Karachi. For a long time, I have been craving for authentic Gurr my mother used to feed me as a child until my wife ordered plain Gurr from Mian Agri Farm. Having a taste of it not only takes me back to the memories of my childhood but also I have never bought Gurr from local stores ever since.

Irfaan Saif

Nothing excites me more than fresh and juicy mangoes, for which I wait for summers all year long. But every buy is different from another, good quality mangoes are expensive too, leaving me disappointed. But with Mian Agri Farm mangoes, it is easy and quick to order mangoes of my choice, ensuring best quality mangoes in economical price.

Muhammad Sufyaan


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